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Alessandro Arbi AKA "Alino the tentacle", born and raised in Florence, Italy 1983. From a very young age he demonstrates an artistic predisposition through drawing and painting. He attends the “liceo classico” (The Italian highest education equivalent to high school) after which having developed a solid cultural basis he decides to learn new techniques and refine his artistic skills. That is when he decides to attend the “Università degli Studi di Firenze” in the field of Architecture, where he earns a degree in Industrial Design with a directive aimed at visual communication. During the three years of study he approaches the world of Computer Graphics and creates his own advanced techniques of Design and Digital Sculpting. In 2007 he graduates with the highest grades (110/110) and earns the doctorate in Techniques of Visual Communication. Following this achievement he furthers his studies specializing in 3D modeling (both organic and solid), illustration and concept visualization. Presently he works as a resident tattooer at Lacrimanera Tattoo Saloon in Firenze.

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